Amidst recent trends that look to nature for nurture, there’s another arrival with so much sass it demands to be noticed – even if it goes against the grain of nature.

Faux Flora Artificial Planting offers high-end artificial planting solutions to designers or domestic homeowners in South Africa and abroad – who want all the green without the fuss. 

So perfectly life-like (you won’t even look twice), these mimics are able to rough it out in harsher weather conditions, or none at all – both of which are enemies of their living cousins. Evergreen, hardy and independent. It is eye trickery! 

What are the advantages of using faux over living plants?

Real, living plants have so much to offer but there are some environments where they simply will struggle to survive, and it is in those environments where faux has real impact and benefit.

Commercial office or retail spaces often present the designer with low light conditions, insufficient soil or no soil, no easy way of getting water to living plants, or there is a need to dress areas where it would be difficult to maintain living plants because they are hard to reach. To manage living plants on a ceiling, for instance, is a nightmare.

When you work with faux, the possibilities are endless. No job is too dark, too high, too unreachable or too unmanageable. In circumstances such as these, using faux plants gives one the benefit of both worlds: the lush beauty of real plants because the imitation is so good, with none of the maintenance associated with keeping living material alive and thriving.

Sasha Shafer, a qualified interior designer and practicing landscape designer, heads up the Faux Flora brand. 

How is Faux Flora different from other artificial plant products on the market? 

Faux Flora sets itself apart by offering much more than just faux plants.

As a landscape and interior designer, I personally serve a range of clientele – from domestic homeowners, to other interior and landscape designers, architects, event decor specialists and production stylists. 

I give my clients advanced product and installation advice and suggestions and then assist with the design and concept phase of their project. As it is often difficult to envision the idea of faux plants in a space I also offer, where visualisation itself is not possible, realistic renderings of the final product. 

Plants need accessories too; therefore I source and manufacture a wide selection of pots, planters and hanging features to finish any space off. 

To guarantee the widest and most exquisite range of faux plants, we source both locally and internationally.

Faux Flora, therefore, is so much more than just faux plants. It is an all-in-one solution to the conceptualisation, design and installation of greening solutions where live plants simply aren’t the best option.

What Faux Flora products are available right now, and where/how would it be used? 

Faux Flora offers a variety of UV and wind tolerant artificial greenwall panels in the Greenwall Range, and an even larger variety of hanging, potted and stem plants.

The most popular reasons for the use of faux plants is the lack of maintenance that it requires and the endless possibilities of use, more so than living plants. 

We have a wide variety of luscious hanging plants from 20cm to 1.6m long, various style greenwalls – standard and bespoke, ultra Realistic flowers and tall palms up to 2m in height.

And we also offer bespoke products such as faux hedging, greenwalls and even rentals.

What makes Faux Flora a premium product?

New technology and durability. All our Greenwall panels are UV coated and able to withstand the heat, wind and salty air, especially near the coast.

While our freestanding plants are not UV coated, they do, however, last much longer than your more dated faux options.

Faux Flora does not stock the older fashioned ‘silk’ range of plants that are still available today, but instead sources ‘real-touch’ artificial plants – all manufactured with the highest quality materials and latest technology – and all recyclable.

Do you find people to have misconceptions regarding faux plants?

The main issue about Faux plants is that when people think Faux – they think old Chinese take-away artificial roses on the table – Faux. Technology has become so advanced and detailed now that some plants you have to scratch them to tell their authenticity. They have become incredibly realistic. The plants are made of Polyurethane, a recyclable plastic. Polyurethane is recycled in one of two ways: either mechanically, in which it’s reused in its polymer form, or chemically, in which it’s broken back down into its chemical components, giving peace of mind when buying a ‘plastic plant’.


We are on Instagram and also just launched our new Faux Flora website

To view samples or discuss new concepts or ideas for adding greenery to any space, feel free to give us a call at 021-300 3398 or email sales@fauxflora.co.za

Our products are on show in Cape Town at Inside Living at 10 Orphan Street, Cape Town City Centre, and in Somerset West at Louw Roets at 73 Victoria Street.


Our most recent projects include a beautiful Union Jack floral wall for the British Embassy, Seatle Coffee next to Cavendish square, a Hendriks Gin billboard for Tractor Outdoor JHB, and the clubhouse at Pearl Valley.


Flame and Ash in Stellenbosch

Iron Steak House in Bree street

Unframed Ice Cream in Woodstock

Willowbridge shopping centre

The Artem in Sea Point Main Road

Black Brick Club in Sandton JHB with Weylandts home 

Roro’s Nairobi Kenya

Images are subject to copyright of Faux Flora – Artificial Planting

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