Sensitive to the ebb and flow of the natural environment in which we work, we bring innovative design, extensive plant knowledge and installation expertise to our clients’ homes to produce spiritually nurturing, beautiful outdoor spaces. We listen, we see, we absorb and we create natural spaces that celebrate the where, how and why of clients’ outdoor, living environment.


Constantia, Cape Town

Set in the beautiful Constantia hills, initially, this garden started out as a renovation to a neglected ditch running through the middle of the garden. The client, and a new owner to the property, had a liking for natural ponds and before the house was even built, we were turning our spades to create a beautiful water and meadow garden. The success of this project was an ideal window of opportunity to bring in large landscape elements and establish some of the garden well before the build took place. This allowed us some time to identify existing trees to be retained, bring in new feature trees and boulders, and redesigned the new stream, developing larger feature ponds close to the new footprint of the proposed house well before building works had started. When the garden was ready for planting, we focused on low meadow grasses to the height of the perimeter fence. It was important that the eye could continue onto the distant Constantia Hills, thus blurring the lines where the property starts and ends. Today the client and his Labrador dogs love the garden ponds – the central vein that pumps heart and soul into this home and space.


Bishopscourt, Cape Town

Set in the leafy suburbs of Bishopscourt, this majestic barn-style home rises from a bed of ornamental grasses in a flowing prairie styled garden. Pennisetum Cream Falls line the driveway, along with an avenue of Pride of India trees for a splash of seasonal crimson colour. As part of our design, we encouraged planting from the drive all the way up to the front door, where large leafy fronds on the delicious monster and white bougainvillea flowers, draped over the balcony, greet you as you make your way to the front door. On the approach, pavers are softened with blue Pratia, and soft cheerful blooms of day lilies nod as you pass your way in and out of this home.


Higgovale, Cape Town

This home is suspended over a steep and uneven site. Running through the site to the lowest point were two muddy trenches that formed part of the stormwater drainage system in the area. Our brief was to create a tropical garden providing a lush green backdrop to the contemporary architecture of the house, whilst also celebrating the massive granite rocks that are as much of a feature of the site as the steep slopes. Inserting long stone walls into the landscape served several purposes: they spoke to the contemporary lines of the house which cut across the site, but they also provided much-needed retention of soil at critical points and acted as bridges into and across the site to the extent that the whole landscape is now accessible and can be enjoyed at ground level as well as from the treetops views inside the house.


Oranjezicht, Cape Town

The challenge with this landscape was to find the story that connected the powerful new building that rose majestically out of the steep slope, singular in its black finishes, with the natural sandstone already on the slope at the foot of Table Mountain.
The solution was to allow the natural vegetation directly butting up against this site to cascade down and around the new home. Existing steps and pathways were retained where possible, but a series of small square lawns edged in stone brought a measure of order to the back patio area, acting as a ‘drawbridge’ between the natural slope outside the boundary and the strong geometry of the house. A series of roof gardens created outdoor softening on the taller facade of the house.


Upper Claremont, Cape Town

The new owners of this property wanted a back garden that invited nature into their home. They inherited a large lawn area, which was reduced and squared off to make space for ornamental grasses and flowering perennials to please all the birds and the bees. To engage the senses, the garden received an exploration section for the younger family members, which focused on touch and fragrance as one would brush against leaves. Equally important was the colour and interest bed that uses seasonal colour and invites one’s eyes to explore all the colours while relaxing on the patio.


Kalk Bay, Cape Town

This beautifully textured roof garden, set not far from the busy main road of Kalk Bay, displays resilient planting suited for coastal conditions and how to mix and match low growing textured plants. A new favourite to our plant palette is the Yucca red tips which were selected to add a splash of colour in late summer just before the garden goes into its winter rest.


Michael Power
Cape Town Moroccan Garden

Lucy succeeded beyond my wildest dreams when creating a Moroccan riad with mixed tiles, colours and pots. The front garden perfectly complements the pool, while the back is lush and wild. The most peaceful place I know in Cape Town.

Rose Theron
Plattekloof Suburban Garden

My garden is absolutely beautiful, thanks to Lucy and the Contours Design Studio team. They did far more than I expected. Now that the garden has taken root it is as if I am living in a totally different area.

France Olicard
Cape Town City Garden

I just want to thank you again for delivering so much more than I expected. I am thrilled with my new outdoors living space. Contours Design Studio’s work exceeds my expectations. Thank you!

Wanda Georgeu
Upper Claremont

I am very, very happy. Contours Design Studio did an absolutely brilliant job designing and installing my garden in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. And they continue to do so as far as the maintenance is concerned.

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